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Domestic & Farm worker Solutions
The Domestic/Farm Worker Solutions was developed and approved in 2015. In the event of death in the domestic/farm worker family they only have their employers to go to for financial assistance. Our product has been created for the employer to ensure that the domestic/farm worker and their families, if the option is chosen, has cover in case of death and disability.

At retirement we know the old age grant is not sufficient and the savings plan option will help lighten the financial strain on our beloved retired domestic/farm workers. We want to make sure our domestic/farm workers are looked after just as they look after us, our children and our property every day.

This product is not only aimed at the domestic/farm workers but also for care takers, garden workers, butlers, nannies, au Pairs, etc.
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Estate Protector
The Estate Protector was developed and approved in 2015. The Estate Protector is designed to safeguard one's Estate against unforeseen costs and expenses. Executors of an Estate often find themselves in a position of having to dispose of assets in order to cover expenses incurred in the administration and liquidation process.

This product allows for immediate expense benefit aimed to provide liquidity at time of death.
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Funeral Provider Plan
Funeral cover or a funeral policy is seldom considered until the time comes to organize a funeral. Protecting your loved ones from the financial burden that comes with funeral costs whilst they deal with the emotions and grief that comes with the territory, will benefit them more than you can imagine.

There are a number of funeral plans available, so identify what you need up front before making your choice: Is it cover for yourself, for yourself and immediate family, cover for your extended family, which could include your mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, even your in-laws?
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