Retirement Solutions & Documents
Pension Brochure / Provident Fund
Quotation Checklist
To request a quotation, please complete the quotation checklist and send it through to us. Remember to attach your payroll as well.
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Application Form
Application form needs to be completed after quotation has been signed.
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New Members Entrant Forms
After first payment, three forms should be filled in and sent to us:
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Claim Forms and Processes
When withdrawing due to resignation or dismissal, send us the completed pdf below and attach all necessary documentation before payment can proceed.
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When withdrawing due to retirement, send us the completed pdf below and all FICA as seen above in withdrawals before any payment can be made.
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When a member passes away, the pdf's below need to be filled in and the claim sent to us for processing.
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When a member becomes a disabled, the pdf form below needs to be completed and sent to us for processing.
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Funeral Claim Forms
All funeral claim forms must be requested from the administrator.
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Questions & Answers for N-e-FG Administrators

1. What differentiates N-e-FG Administrators' system from our competitors?

► Easy accessible information.
► Easy accessible Benefit Statements.
► Doc Man Management: Where all documents relating to a member can be linked to the member record on the system.
► Update of member information is fast and easy.
► Superior and efficient service.

2. What type of service does N-e-FG Administrators deliver?

► Any member can speak directly with the Administrator who is responsible for that specific group.
► The member does not have to work through a call centre service.
► Any query from the group’s HR department is handled immediately with the responsible person handling the administration of the specific group.
► The Administrator is responsible for the monthly billings, and makes sure that the billings reconcile on a monthly basis with the HR department and the bank statement.
► The Administrator handles all medical requirements that may arise from the risk companies, and they make sure that the medicals are seen through with the particular member.
► The Administrator sends sms notifications to members if there is anything outstanding on their information regarding any claims.
► The Administrator also corresponds through email, sms and telephone calls on a daily basis with members and the HR department.
► The Administrators always deliver fast and friendly service directly to the members and the HR department.

3. Does N-e-FG Administrators offer an online system?

► Yes we do, the online system is available to all the members 24/7 and members are supplied with usernames & passwords, with a step by step guide explaining the online system.
► The member can access his current personal information, benefit statement, transactions history, contributions, beneficiaries and salaries as it reflects on the administrators' system.
► If changes are done by the Administrator it is immediately updated on the online system for the member to be viewed.

4. When will groups receive their Benefit Statements?

► Benefit Statements will be personally delivered on an annual basis to the groups.

5. Does N-e-FG Administrators offer competitive costs?

► N-e-FG offers the best rates in the market and will ensure that the cost stays competitive going forward.
► N-e-FG ensures that zero cost will be deducted from the Employee’s contribution, unless the employee agrees on a certain cost.
► N-e-FG will ensure that all the costs are covered from the Employer’s contributions.
► N-e-FG ensures that the most competitive rates are used.

6. How long do quotations take?

► As soon as the payroll information is received in an electronic format from the Advisor or the HR department, the quote will be requested from the different risk companies, who have a turnaround time of +/- 5 working days.
► After the indicative rates are received from the different risk companies, a quote is drafted by the Administrators, and our turnaround time is +/- 2 working days.

7. After the quote is drafted what is the implication if the client wants to increase the contribution percentage?

► The only implication is that the savings percentage on the quotation will increase with the difference in the percentage of the contribution.
► None of the cost rates will be affected if the contribution rate is increased after the quotation is drafted.

8. What happens after the quotation is signed?

► N-e-FG does all of the implementation of the new group on the system.
► N-e-FG ensures that all the needed risk documents are signed and sent to the applicable risk underwriter.
► N-e-FG captures all the members’ information on the system.
► If it is an existing group N-e-FG corresponds with the previous Administrator to make sure that the transfer process runs smoothly.
► N-e-FG will also handle any section 14 transfer from one fund to the other.
► After 1st payment is made N-e-FG will also make sure that the group’s Special Rules is registered with the FSB.
► In short N-e-FG does the entire setup of a new group.

9. What does the company receive after implementation is done on the system?

After the setup is completed on the system and the first payment is received the following will be handed to the company:

► A visit from our Head of Administration
► Administration guide
► New member entrant forms
► Contract
► Special Rules
► Membership cards
► Online letters
► Benefit Statements for starting period

10. What is Special Rules?

► Special Rules is a separate set of rules that is drafted for the applicable group containing the contribution rates and risk benefits.
► This is applicable for groups that fall under the N-e-FG Retirement Umbrella Funds.

11. Can the group go on Debit Order?

► Yes the group can decide if they want to be on a monthly debit order.
► All debit orders is managed by the Financial Manager.

12. When are withdrawals being paid?

► N-e-FG has one withdrawal date on the 20th of every month.

13. What is the period for a death claim to be completed?

► Death claims turnaround time is 12 months.
► Death claims can be paid within the 12 month turnaround time if all the needed information is received and trustees are satisfied with the information at their disposal to make a decision.

14. Who handles Disability or Permanent Health Insurance (PHI) claims?

► PHI is a benefit that pays out 75% of the member salary on a monthly basis.
► Any disability claims & PHI claims is handled by the Administrators where the Administrators will stay in communication with the HR department as well as the member until the claim is completed.

15. How long does it take for Funeral claims to be paid?

► Funeral claims are paid within 48 hours, if all the needed information is received.

Download our Administrators Question & Answer pdf below.

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