It is widely accepted that the world has become a global village in which we in Africa are playing an increasingly important role. N-e-FG acknowledges that South Africa is the development hub of Africa. South Africans hold the key to the door that will unlock the corridor into this amazing continent.

We partner with our clients to help them harvest these opportunities. Applying our innovation and unique systems, we develop tailored retirement products for companies to serve their employees with integrity. Our investment management platform provides independent financial advisors with a superior product at a highly personalised level of service. We interface with individuals directly through our financial advice, estate planning and accounting expertise in the quest to unlocking personal wealth.

Money is energy. We will help you harness the energy in yours.

The New-e-conomy Financial Group strives to always adhere to the following four values: Trust, Transparency, Thinking and Teamwork.

Trust stands at the heart of what we do, by always putting our client first; we solidify our focus of building a longstanding relationship with our client base. Trust is cemented through an honest...