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About Administrators

N-e-FG Administrators is a largely diversified financial services organisation with a 13B Retirement Fund Administration licence, operating since 2012. We offer a wide range of products uniquely designed by us to suit each investor’s financial needs. Our most prominent & elite service and product offering is pension and provident fund administration & planning.

We offer exquisite employee benefit funds, administrative solutions & services, value adding products together with products designed specifically for each institutional & individual’s financial needs. We deliver our services to both individual and corporate sectors with innovative solutions to keep up with the ever changing markets. We continuously strive to deliver exceptional client service through a team of handpicked expert personnel to ensure quality & reliability. We offer excellent client service with our focus on strong client relationships and effective turnaround times through the use of innovative technology systems. Direct access to key persons ensures that our clients can communicate directly with a handpicked team of expert personnel who are serious about delivering on promises of quality and reliability.

In addition to our Administrative duties, we continuously seek opportunities in the market to develop niche products. These products are unique and developed for financial planners where the need arises We also white-label some products for certain planners for a specific period of time, should it be requested by our actuarial team. 

N-e-FG Administrators is also the home of a few outside products that we administer on behalf of selected clients which allows them to focus on their core responsibilities. 


Regardless of the industry or its location or its size, clients can benefit from our skill and experience in the retirement administration industry.