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Optimal Product Range

Optimal Retirement Annuity

This fund offers members a versatile and highly tax-efficient vehicle to provide flexible provision for their retirement.

Investors profile will differ according to the risk profile of each investor’s needs. It is required that the investment complies with the Pension Funds Act. 

Optimal Living Annuity

The living annuity offers a flexible investment vehicle for the compulsory portion of a retirement annuity, pension or provident fund (approved retirement fund) pay-out in order to ensure regular income payments.

Investors profiles differ according to the risk profile of each investor’s needs.

Optimal Endowment Plan

This plan offers the investor the opportunity to save for the medium to long term. This product offers estate benefits and tax-efficient structures. It offers investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios and manage their investments risk-efficiently while at the same time obtaining capital growth potential.

This product is suited for any investor, trusts, companies, close corporations and non-taxable entities who seek to save tax on their investments. It is ideal for investors in the higher income tax bracket (above 30%) and who can keep their capital invested for at least 5 years.

Optimal Pension & Provident Preservation Fund 

These funds offer members suitable options when they leave their employment due to resignation or retrenchment, and they wish to preserve their benefit which they have accumulated within their employer’s pension or provident fund, or from another fund.

This fund is designed for any investor that wishes to preserve and grow their saving until retirement. Investor profile differ according to the risk appetite and personal needs. It also requires that the investment complies with the Pensions Funds Act.

N-e-FG Group Retirement Fund 

Provides workers with benefits and retirement saving taken out by the applicable company, with benefits such as Funeral Cover, Income Disability Benefit, Critical Illness Cover, and Permanent Disability Benefit & Group Life Assured. We provide benefits no matter the size of the employee group or amount of payroll, with favourable cost structures and ability to adjust benefits structures at different levels of employment.

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