Global Diversified Fund-30 April 2015

The objective of the N-e-FG Global Diversified Fund is to obtain moderate income growth with capital preservation in real terms from a diversified pottfolio of approved investments as follows:


Investment in cash, equity and debt related investment; as well as Collective Investment Vehicles whose investment policies are or include investment in (principally) publicly listed or quoted securities and/or debt instruments. The Manager intends to maintain a broadly even weighting for the underlying portfolio between equity and debt related investment. Between 40% to 60% of the underlying portfolio will be maintained in equity investments from time to time and the remainder will be held in debt related instruments, cash or near cash. The Manager intends to achieve the objective by maintaining a portfolio of investments in collective investment schemes or other investment or mutual funds, The Manager will ensure that all interest bearing instruments directly included in the portfolio will have a credit rating of"investment grade" given by Standard and Poors, Moody's Investor Services Limited or Fitch Ratings Limited. Where more than one rating exists, the lower of the ratings applies.



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