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Our Value Proposition
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Our purpose is as follows: Being a niche boutique investment management company who understands the true meaning of custodianship (total responsibility and accountability) for our investors and focuses on simplifying complex concepts for our clients.

Being niche as opposed to a large corporation means that each client is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore we are geared to provide a personalised level of service and walk with you through understanding any uncertainties in the investment world. Being boutique sets us apart as being small and nimble enough to respond to market opportunities that large players simply can’t participate in.

We serve both independent financial advisors (IFAs) and individual investors.

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Our assistance to independent financial advisory businesses employs a partnership model, where we help with decision making, product and service development and business enhancement opportunities. N-e-FG does not become involved in the day-to-day management of the partners’ businesses, as we outsource these functions to industry leaders in this regard. They add the investment stature, systems, intellectual capital and investment expertise, while the IFA partner retains the responsibility of continuing to build the long-term future for their business. This gives the client the best of both worlds: the security of a large financial services company together with the focus and dedication of an owner managed business advisor.

For IFAs we structure highly effective multi-manager model portfolios at no additional cost, which means that end-users receive the benefit of diversification without the extra layer of fees often associated with such arrangements. However, where the need arises we can also structure tailor-made solutions in line with client requirements. Through this process clients benefit from the fact that we have access to multiple service providers, exclusive products and services, up to the minute information as well as high quality advice from experienced market leaders.
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Due to the growing need expressed by clients, we also offer bespoke share portfolios for individuals who wish to hold more than R500 000 in a focused selection of stocks. We manage these portfolios in-house according to our investment philosophy as described elsewhere.

For individuals we offer custodian services to our N-e-FG BCI managed unit trusts, allowing access to these funds without the need for advisors or platforms.

We also hold a licence for managing hedge funds and are expanding in this regard to offer clients an alternative investment proposition. The aim is to achieve handsome returns with a low correlation to traditional asset classes.