N-e-FG Administrators (Pty) LTD
Licensed Financial Services Provider

► 13B Retirement Fund Administrator License Number 24/425
► CAT IV Intermediary Services FSP License Number 45798
► CAT1 FSP License Number 45798

Core Focus Areas

As a 13B Retirement Fund administration company this unit offers tailor-made pension and provident fund administration solutions to clients. Furthermore to our administrative duties we continuously seek for opportunities in the market to develop niche products. These products are unique and developed for financial advisers where the need arises. Continuous learning is one of the pillars of our group strategy, we provide an environment which fosters the acquisition of new skills. By doing so we ensure continuous enhancement in our people, product and services delivery.


► Administrative intermediary services
► Actuarial services

Administrative Services

► Retirement Fund Administration
► Living Annuities
► Retirement Annuities
► Preservation Funds
► Investments
► Endowments
► Underwriting
► Actuarial services


► Umbrella retirement fund
► Estate Protector
► Domestic Solution
► Farm Workers Solution
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