N-e-FG Fund Management (Pty) LTD
Licensed Financial Services Provider

► CAT II – Discretionary FSP License Number 17004
► CAT IIA – Hedge Fund FSP License Number 17004A

Core Focus Areas

Being a niche boutique investment management company which understands the true meaning of custodianship for our investors and focuses on simplifying complex concepts for our clients. Being niche as opposed to a large corporation means that each client is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore this unit is geared to provide a personalised level of service and walk with you through understanding any uncertainties in the investment world. Being boutique sets us apart as being small and nimble enough to respond to market opportunities that large players simply can’t participate in.


► Financial Analyst
► Investment Professionals

Asset Management Services

► Collective investment management services
► Multi-management services
► Collective Hedge Fund management services


► In-house single strategy collective investment funds
► In-house collective hedge funds
► White label multi-managers model portfolios