N-e-FG Holdings (Pty) LTD
Core Focus Areas
The Holdings unit of the New-e-conomy Financial Group is divided into two divisions namely the Internal Audit Department (IAD) and the Internal Legal Department (ILD). Their core focus is to ensure effective internal control procedures (ICP) for the group as a whole. The core competencies under the ICP encompasses financial, infrastructure and legal support. These functions ensure that the group as a whole maximizes shareholder value as follows:
► Allocation of financial capital.
► Review of group businesses in pursuit of an efficient and effective group structure.
► Detailed record keeping.
► Overseeing company corporate transactions.
► Review of all legal contracts.
► Guidance on all aspects of data provider systems.
► Enforcement of the Protection of Information’s act for the group.
► Human resources management.
► Group Corporate Governance.
► Compliance to all regulating bodies.
► Enforcement of the Related Party Policy.
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